Nursing (MSN)

Master of Nursing Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Year One (24 hours)

NURS 5000Advanced Pathophysiology

3 credits

NURS 5100Professional Concepts

2 credits

NURS 5200Advanced Health Assessment/Diagnostic Reasoning

4 credits

NURS 5300Advanced Pharmacology/Therapeutic Interventions

3 credits

NURS 5400Adult/Gerontology Acute Care I

6 credits

NURS 5500Research and Evidence Based Practice

3 credits

NURS 5600Quality/Safety/Improvement Processes

3 credits

Year Two (19 hours)

NURS 6200Leadership/Management & Healthcare Policy

3 credits

NURS 6400Adult/Gerontology Acute Care II

6 credits

NURS 6500Adult/Gerontology Acute Care III

7 credits

NURS 6600Project Management in Health Care

3 credits

Total Hours: 43