MKTG 5000 Marketing Communication

This course offers insights into the traditional and novel marketing communication and ideas. It presents marketing essentials for operating in small businesses, corporate settings, and not-for-profit organizations. The course deals with the central focus of marketing, which is the exchange of value between people.

The course surveys in an in-depth fashion the theoretical and structural models of marketing communication and aims to equip students with the tools necessary to create a coherent and fully integrated promotional campaign.

Students will be actively involved in the design and implementation of various strategic communications approaches meant to target different publics on an international scale. The global nature of advertising and marketing is given due consideration, thus allowing students to incorporate a series of culturally driven elements and factors, thus gaining in the process a far better understanding of how and why these factors need to be taken into consideration when selling a product, a service or a media/culturally driven production.


3 credits

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours