POLS 4896 Georgia Legislative Internship

The Georgia Legislative Internship Program (GLIP) is a full-time, semester-long experience offered by the Georgia General Assembly in Atlanta to qualified junior and senior students at universities and colleges in Georgia. To receive academic credit, students must be admitted to the GLIP and fulfill the conditions of the internship, including regular reports to the faculty mentor at Middle Georgia State supervising the experience.

Political science majors participating in the GLIP will generally enroll in POLS 3200 (Georgia Government and Politics) and this course during the term they are working at the General Assembly.

Only 3 hours of credit for POLS 4895 or POLS 4896 can be applied to the political science major or minor. The remaining credit can be applied as open/free electives in the political science major.

Students should refer to the political science department website for more details on this program.



Lab Hours



POLS 1101 or POLS 1101H with a C or higher, along with acceptance to the Georgia Legislative Internship Program.