NURS 4300 Evidence- Based Practice: The Application of Nursing Research into Practice (5-12-9)

This program capstone course focuses on the application of knowledge from past and current learning experiences and promotes principles of life-long learning and contribution to nursing research and evidence-based professional practice via exploration of a previously formulated nursing research question. The course encourages critical-thinking, emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary communication, and facilitates the clinical application of the nurse in the role of both consumer and producer of research, as well as provider of care within the community. Collaboration with other health care providers to improve evidence-based outcomes of individuals, families, and communities in a diverse society is emphasized, as are the integration of LEAN/Six Sigma principles into the application of evidence-based practice and process. 



Lecture Hours

3 hours

Lab Hours

12 hours


At least a C in NURS 3440


NURS 4300L