NURS 4000 Concepts of Community Health and Transcultural Nursing Care (3-6-5)

This course explores the role of the nurse in providing health care to clients in a variety of culturally diverse communities. Students will learn methods for assessing community health needs, techniques used to restore and maintain the health care of diverse populations, and strategies for promoting wellness. Cultural and ethnic factors impacting health care beliefs and practices will be explored. Students will be challenged to use introspection and conscious examination of their own belief and value systems to increase their sensitivity, respect, and caring for others. Clinical experiences will expose students to a variety of community health environments providing opportunities to practice health promotion behaviors in the delivery of health care to diverse populations. 



Lecture Hours

3 hours

Lab Hours

6 hours


PL-BSN Students: At least a C in NURS 3115 & NURS 3115L


NURS 4000L