HS 1004 Perspectives on Women's Health

This is an Area B course that develops key competencies in critical thinking and oral communication through an introduction to women`s health. The course includes an online Critical Thinking and Oral Communication (CTOC) component. The course offers an opportunity for students to apply critical thinking skills to various aspects of women`s health and to gain experience in developing and presenting original arguments in oral forms. This course reviews issues related to women's levels of wellness throughout the lifespan. Maturation of the female from puberty to the older adult will be explored. Issues such as reproductive health, pregnancy, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, the female heart, and physical disorders will be discussed. Students will put together a journal that will be reflective of their own health status. Also students will utilize library resources and online material to prepare a paper on a women's health topic of interest and develop an oral presentation about the issue researched.



Lecture Hours

4 hours