GFA 4140 Advanced Sound Design with Avid Pro Tools 200

The theory and practices of film and television sound design are presented through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises. The curriculum is designed to incorporate the industry standard Avid Pro Tools Certified Training in the most recent Production 1 (PT201) and Production 2 (PT210) courses. Avid's certification training is supplemented with academic curriculum, including but not limited to: an historical immersion in the sound design process and tools; current processes, procedures and terminology; project development; file interchanges; multitrack mixing; and program automation. Technical operations are covered, including: optimizing and configuring sessions; managing audio and video media; editing and processing of audio; plug-in automation; requirements of various destination platforms; and exporting deliverable to finalize a production. Upon successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate the skills needed for advancing careers in film and television post-production. Emphasis will be placed on understanding industry standards and employer expectations for professional film and television post-production. Rigorous study of the PT201 and PT210 books, combined with hands-on practice, in and outside of class, will greatly aid in successfully passing Avid's two certification exams. While Avid certification is not required for successful completion of the course, passing the two certification exams will earn the student the credential of Avid Pro Tools Certified Professional, recognized worldwide as an industry standard for sound editors in feature film and broadcast television. 



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GFA 1040 Introduction to Film & Television Post-Production and GFA 3140 Fundamentals of Sound Design with Avid Pro Tools 100