GFA 3140 Introduction to Sound Design with Avid Pro Tools 100

GFA 3140: Introduction to Sound Design with Avid ProTools 100 introduces students to post production utilizing Avid’s audio editing software. The course is designed to certify and equip students with a unique skillset and knowledge of the digital audio editorial process in order to facilitate their entry and advancement in the film and television post-production industry. This course will implement Avid’s PT101 and PT110 curriculum and students who successfully pass Avid's two certification exams will earn the credential of “Avid Certified User” in ProTools, a globally recognized certification. In addition, students will learn industry best practices for digital audio processes and workflows within a professional sound department. Emphasis will be placed on the technical aspects of industry standard digital audio tools; including attire, professionalism and technique in and out of the room.


Upon completion, students will have a broad base of knowledge that will allow him/her to integrate with a digital audio team from the first day. This knowledge includes, but is not limited to, the equipment, techniques, communications, specifications, etc. used in the digital audio department.



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