GFA 2040 Fundamentals of Editing with Avid Media Composer 100

GFA 2040: Fundamentals of Editing with Avid Media Composer 100 introduces students to post production utilizing Avid’s video editing software. This course will implement Avid’s MC101 and MC110 curriculum and students who successfully pass Avid's two certification exams will earn the credential of “Avid Certified User” in Media Composer, recognized worldwide as an industry standard for assistant editors in feature film and broadcast television. The Avid curriculum will be supplemented with elemental post production information including: an historical overview of the editing process and tools; current processes, procedures and terminology; project organization, digital file codecs, audio sample rate, introduction to concepts and tools of color grading, and introductory troubleshooting. Emphasis will also be placed on understanding industry working conditions, employer expectations, as well as the student's expectations, attitude, and professionalism.

The tools, techniques, and concepts of the editor’s craft are presented through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises. Introductory and intermediate Avid Media Composer tools and techniques are introduced relating to editing, audio mixing, audio effects, visual effects, color correction, and digital file delivery. Technical operations are covered, including ingest, output, and media management, edit bay procedures, protocol, and best practices. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will develop the skills needed to enter the film industry as a post production PA, in assisting with preparing dailies, or as an assistant editor.



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