ATCM 2400 Enroute Non-Radar Operations

This course covers the basics of Enroute non-radar rules and regulations in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) including the theory and mechanics of non-radar procedures. Included are airspace environment, strip preparation, strip marking methods and procedures, coordination requirements and phraseology, and separation rules used in a simulated non-radar Enroute environment. Students will also apply their knowledge in a performance based laboratory environment.  They will learn how to operate the Display System Replacement (DSR) system and Federal Aviation Administration FAA) as well as apply Enroute non-radar rules and phraseology while complying with FAA Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) standards. It provides the knowledge base required by the FAA in those areas and will provide in class opportunities to demonstrate applications of the knowledge acquired.



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



ATCM 2160 and ATCM 2165