IDS 4510 Ethics and Application Capstone

The purpose of this capstone course is to connect student learning to a real world application of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to a community-based need. Students are expected to demonstrate an integrated understanding of interdisciplinary topics through the application of multiple areas of knowledge (cultural competency, communication, ethics, program funding and research). The course gives special consideration to the application of professional ethics and program funding. This course is worth three (3) hours.

Note: This course is to be taken in the student’s final semester. Due to the applied nature of this course, prior to enrollment, students must have completed at least twelve hours of IDS BS Core course work including in research, grant writing and funding, communication, and cultural competency. Additionally, students should have no more than twelve (12) hours of Concentration or Elective credits to complete alongside this course.


3 credits

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



PBSV 4030