ESE 3444 Practicum I

This field-based semester-long course, candidates will become familiar with the school environment, working with students and parents, and collaborating with other professionals in the learning community. Candidates will work in P-5 classrooms assisting the cooperating teacher and students with instructional procedures and routines. In collaboration with their cooperating teachers, university supervisors, and course professors, candidates will design and implement instructional projects that unite theory and practice in the P-5 classroom. Candidates will also attend seminars on related topics throughout the semester and attain instruction with the infusion of diversity, equity, and inclusive principles. This course is aligned with state and national standards. The use of technology is required.

Note: Full-time employed P-5 paraprofessionals must spend a minimum of 4 hours weekly in a P-5 classroom environment outside their current classroom and grade band.

2 Credit Hours  



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Cross Listed Courses

ECSE 3444


Formal acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Special Education Track