ESE 3201 The Art of Language and Literature/Reading Endorsement

In this course, candidates will study and apply pedagogical knowledge and content skills in various areas of language arts and literature. Candidates will examine a variety of literature across grade bands to support cognitive, social, psychological, ethical, and language development. Special emphasis is placed on: the evaluation and use of children's and adolescent's texts (traditional print, digital, and online) in the classroom, acquiring knowledge about how to integrate literature across the disciplines, methods of teaching and assessing the English Language Arts: oral language, listening, reading, writing, visualizing, and visually representing, and direct instruction in writing, within the context of the composing process. The course includes a field experience, technology integration, and research. This course is aligned with state and national standards. 



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Cross Listed Courses

ECSE 3201


Formal acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in ESE track and pass program checkpoints OR acceptance into the Reading Endorsement Track