EDUC 4150 Clinical

This field-based semester-long culminating experience is designed to give the teacher candidate intensive and extensive practice in which they are fully immersed in the appropriate P-12 (PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) or Secondary (6-8 and 9-12) classroom settings. Candidates will apply pedagogical content knowledge grounded in research-based best practice in the design, implementation, and evaluation of instruction specific to their area of concentration to meet the diverse needs of all learners. The most critical component of this placement is the hands-on learning opportunity that occurs over the course of the semester in which the teacher candidate will be engaged in: curriculum design; determining and adapting appropriate methods to classroom instruction; fostering critical thinking skills; meeting district and state standards; the use of technology in enhancing student learning. Candidates will also attend seminars on related topics throughout the semester and attain instruction with the infusion of diversity, equity, and inclusive principles. This course is aligned with state and national standards. The use of technology is required.


9 credits

Lecture Hours

9 hours


Formal acceptance into the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Program and pass program checkpoints