Master of Nursing Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (MSN)

Dean of the School of Health and Natural Sciences: Dr. Tara L. Underwood 

Chair of the Department of Nursing: Dr. Donna Ingram

Graduate Program Coordinator, Nursing: Dr. Lawanda Greene

(478) 471-2882, office

(478) 471-5877, FAX


School of Health Sciences

100 University Parkway

Macon, Georgia 31206

Mission Statement

The mission of the Middle Georgia State University Master of Science in Nursing Program is to prepare advanced practice nurses to provide care to the entire adult to older adult age population and across the continuum of care, particularly those with acute care needs.

Program Format and Degree Requirements (MSN)

The Master of Science in Nursing program is a 43 credit hour program designed to be completed in five consecutive semesters. All courses in the program are offered fully online with two full-day intensive/immersion sessions held each semester. Clinical practice is planned in a variety of settings and is designed to address the program and course objectives. Students will complete 630 clinical practice hours. MSN students may choose to complete these hours at Navicent Healthcare, or they may choose to complete these hours at a Georgia healthcare facility of their choice pending approval from the MSN Program Coordinator.  Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to sit for the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) AGACNP certification exam. The program is designed to be completed in five consecutive semesters.


Student Expectations (MSN)

Middle Georgia State University students are responsible for fulfilling their academic responsibilities in an honest and forthright manner and for conducting themselves with civility in interpersonal interactions. The Middle Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct contains a full description of student rights and responsibilities and the disciplinary procedures which will guide the action of the faculty and administration should a student allegedly violate the code. Nursing is a profession governed by a code of ethics and standards of practice. Students who are charged with a violation of the Middle Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary procedures by the School of Health Sciences and Middle Georgia State University. Any violation of the Middle Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct, whether the violation is related to a lack of integrity or civility, may result in dismissal from the Nursing Program without consideration for re-entry.

Academic Standards (MSN)

In addition to the other academic regulations of the University, the following requirements apply to the nursing program:

  1. There will be no rounding of nursing grades.
  2. Grades for the clinical component of nursing courses are determined on a competency basis and designated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory. A satisfactory level of clinical competence is required in order to earn a passing grade ("B" or higher) in graduate nursing courses. An unsatisfactory level of competence results in failure in that course. A course grade of "F" will be assigned if a student fails clinical.
  3. Graduate nursing course credits are valid for 60 (5 years) months. All graduate nursing courses must be completed within 60 months of the date of entry into the first graduate nursing course.
  4. Nursing Student Policies in effect at the time of admission to a nursing cohort apply throughout the program unless due notification of change is provided to the student.

Clinical Requirements (MSN)

Accepted students must meet the clinical requirements of all affiliating clinical sites by established deadlines, to include, but limited to:

  1. Completed health history and physical form;
  2. Immunization form;
  3. TB screening;
  4. Criminal Background Check;
  5. Urine Drug Screen
  6. Mandatory Health Professional CPR certification through the American Heart Association
  7. Professional malpractice liability insurance

Note: a) Students must maintain ability to meet requirements of Nursing Practice Performance Standards/Essential Abilities. Students experiencing a change in health status may be required to resubmit health forms. b) Students who enter the program must have a Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screen performed by a company approved by the Nursing Program. Clinical agencies will review Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screen results. The student must be approved by the affiliating clinical agencies in order to participate in clinical experiences and progress in the program. Students denied acceptance by any clinical affiliates will not be able to attend clinical experiences and, therefore, will not be enrolled in the Nursing Program. c) Random Criminal Background Checks or Urine Drug Screen may be required while in the Nursing Program. This testing, if required, will be at the student's expense.