Spanish (Minor)

As American culture becomes increasingly diverse and the Spanish-speaking population grows, the study of Hispanic culture and its language is more and more necessary. The courses in the Spanish minor are taught by specialists to provide an even greater depth of concentration than is offered by the associate’s degree in Spanish. Students planning for careers in education, government, business, management, healthcare, law enforcement, social work, and aviation will find this minor especially helpful as a complement to their major. The minor in Spanish is available to undergraduates enrolled in any discipline or program other than Interdisciplinary Studies.

Curriculum for the Minor in Spanish

A grade of 'C' or better is required in all the courses for the Minor.

Required Courses (Credit: 15 hours)

SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II

3 credits


SPAN 1005Accelerated Elementary Spanish



SPAN 2001Intermediate Spanish I

3 credits

SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II

3 credits

SPAN 3001Grammar and Composition

3 credits

SPAN 3003Conversation I

3 credits

Elective (Credit: 3 hours)

Take one 3000- or 4000-level SPAN course.

Total Hours: 18