Department of English

Chair: Benita Huffman Muth, Ph.D.

The Department of English at Middle Georgia State University is home to the baccalaureate degree in English, the Minor in Professional Writing, and the Minor in Creative Writing. The department is committed to preparing English graduates to be reflective professionals with an exceptionally strong content knowledge in writing and literature, a commitment to their chosen profession, a willingness to engage in professional development long after they graduate, and a desire to use their expertise to serve their communities. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in English includes concentrations that prepare students for diverse paths in graduate studies, professional writing, creative writing, law school, and secondary education, among many other possibilities. In the twenty-first century global job market, where requirements for technical skills change rapidly, employers are finding that English graduates are highly suited for long-term success in today’s economy. Employers increasingly look for skills that the English graduate possesses: the ability to think critically, to solve complex problems, and to communicate clearly.