Division of Student Affairs

Jennifer Brannon, Ed.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

Michael Stewart, Ed.D., Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Chief Student Conduct Officer




Counseling and Accessibility Services

Predita Howard, M.S., L.P.C., ACS, Director of Counseling Services & Accessibility Services

Allen Chastain, M.Ed, Director of Accessibility Services

Ruth Hagemann, M.A., L.P.C., ACS, Counselor

Victoria Esnault, M.S., L.P.C., Mental Health Counselor

Azizza Pitts, M.S., L.P.C., Mental Health Counselor

Alicia Walker, MS, Accessibility Specialist 


Center for Career and Leadership Development (CS)

Mary Roberts, Ed.D., Executive Director of Career & Leadership Development
Heather McIntosh,
Ed.D., Assistant Director, Internships & Career Readiness
Rafael Villamil,
M.Ed., GCDF,  Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs
Debra Mainor,
MPA, Career Advisor for Cochran and Eastman
Barneika Williams,
Career Advisor for Macon and Warner Robins

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Office Title IX

Jenia Bacote, J.D., Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator 

Student Health Services

Autumn Lucas, N.P., Director of Student Health Services/Nurse Practitioner

Erin Garner N.P., Nurse Practitioner

Sara Darsey, Administrative Secretary

Athletic and Wellness

Jason Williams, Interim Director of Athletics and Recreation
Bill Hervey, Faculty Athletic Representative
Ethan Money, Sports Information Director
Gayla Adcock, M. Ed/ATCLAT., Head Athletic Trainer
Jeremy Fish, B.S., Coordinator of the Wellness Center and Intramural Sports
Paul Knight, M.S.S., Head Baseball Coach
Mark Hernandez, Assistant Baseball Coach
Allie Arrington, Equestrian
Victor Hall, Head Club Football Coach
Scott Moe, M. Ed., Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Chris Ryan, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Cedric Jordan, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Scott Henderson, Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Tom Bates, MBA, Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach
Santino Romeo, Assistant Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach
Becca Hewitt, Head Softball Coach
Jaimie Welch, Softball Manager
Caroline Williams, Assistant Softball Coach
Anderson Ligon, MBA, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Taylor Fulton, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Shantrell Swan, Women’s Basketball Manager
Vincent Gill, M.A., Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Tui Tuionuu, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Scott Hutchinson, Head Cross Country Coach

Residence Life

Jennifer L. Shinpaugh, M.Ed., Director of Residence Life
Thomasia Jefferson-Davis,
M.Ed., Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Shuntell Turner,
M. Ed, Assistant Director of Residence Life
Frederick Alexander,
B.S., Residence Life Coordinator
Lorin Ballog,
B.S., Residence Life Coordinator
Hope Fuqua-Duskin,
B.A., Residence Life Coordinator
Austin Goolsby,
MPA, Residence Life Coordinator
Jeffrey Jackson,
B.F.A., Residence Life Coordinator
Lenora Rozier,
B.S., Housing Assistant
Kamy Shah,
M.S. IT, Residence Life Coordinator
Kiandra Thomas,
M.Ed., Housing Assistant
Charlita Wynn,
M.S. IT, Residence Life Coordinator

Student Life Office

Corey Guyton, Ph.D., Director of Student Engagement 

Christy Faulk, B.S., Coordinator of Student Services

Devereaux Lindsey, MPA, Coordinator of Student Services

Hannah Thomas, B.A., Coordinator of Student Services

Ashley Thompson, M.Ed., Coordinator of Student Services

Testing Services

Diane Goodman, Director of Testing Services

Nathan Long, Assistant Director of Testing Services