Division of Enrollment Management

Dr. Stephen Schultheis, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Office of Strategic Partnership

Tabitha Chapman, Enrollment Management Coordinator 

Lisa George, Enrollment Support 

Dr. Melinda Robinson-Moffett, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management



Office of Recruitment and Admissions

Andrea Blackshear, Recruiter

Joanna Brown, Admissions Assistant I

Janel Carmel, Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Cherry, Admissions Specialist I

Geraldine Davis, Admissions Specialist I

Christin Dee, Admissions Specialist I

Jeremy Edmond, Coordinator of Orientation

Joanna Freligh, Recruiter I

Taylor Hudock, Recruiter I

Thomasa Negron, Admissions Specialist III

Wesley Sewell, Recruiter II

Stacie Starley, Admissions Assistant II

Laura Terrell, Associate Director of Strategic Enrollment

Elisabeth Travis, Admissions Specialist

Ryan Tucker, Assistant Director

Margo Woodham, Executive Director of Admissions & Orientation 

Enrollment Operations

Dian Mitchell, Vice President of Enrollment Operations

Office of Financial Aid

Lora Foskey, M.A., Director of Financial Aid
Erika Clark, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Faith Anderson, M.P.A., Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Tony Piper, B.B.A., Financial Aid Operations Manager
Starlar Sanford, B.S., Financial Aid Technical Manager

Office of the Registrar

Angela O'Neal, MBA., University Registrar

Estella Dennard, M.S., Assistant Registrar

Carolyn Clark, M.A., Assistant Registrar/Veteran Certifying Official

                      TBA  ,  Veteran Certification Specialist

Yulonda Banks, M.S., Graduation Coordinator

Daphne Murchison, Transfer Evaluation Specialist

Cala Johnson, Transfer Evaluation Specialist  

Imelda Salinas, Customer Service Representative, Macon

                       TBA    ,Customer Service Representative, Macon

Josten Roberts, Records Retention Specialist

Rachel Podwolsky, M.S., Curriculum Catalog and Student Services Specialist

Monique Shine, B.A., Student Success Coordinator