Prior Learning Assessment Policy

Purpose of Policy

To recognize college level learning students acquire outside of formal higher education, Middle Georgia State University relies on the following policy to ensure its practices are consistent with academic integrity. Such learning may be derived from various life and work experiences. The term "Prior Learning Assessment" refers to all of the processes that Middle Georgia State University uses to review and evaluate evidence of learning and to award academic credit in accordance with academic and administrative standards. 

Eligibility: All undergraduate students who have been admitted to the university and are currently in good academic standing may seek credit via Prior Learning Assessment as it relates to their program of study requirements.

Number of credits:

  • Prior Learning Assessment allowable credits are guided by the MGA residency requirement and other credit limitations as indicated elsewhere in the catalog.
  • No Prior Learning Assessment credit will be awarded for any course the student enrolled in and later withdrew or failed
  • Additional restrictions may apply at the program level.

Validation Methods

  • Prior Learning is awarded at the course level using the course descriptions and course student learning outcomes.
  • Academic awards and required competencies are determined by expert faculty.
  • The following methods are allowable for validating prior learning for awarding credit at the discretion of the academic unit:
  1. Credit recommendations listed in the American Council on Education (ACE) National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training and the ACE Military Guide.       
  2. Credit recommendations provided by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) at
  3. Credit demonstrated by successfully passing national for-credit examination programs such as:

The exams accepted and scores that constitute a passing score are available in the current catalog.

       4. Institutional Challenge Examinations developed by the academic units are approved by the dean of the academic unit.

           5. PLA PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT. If students have other learning experiences that may fit courses not served by Institutional Challenge Examinations or by national standardized examination, they may be advised to consider 'PLA by Portfolio.' A portfolio is a collection of materials that provides evidence of that learning. 

           6. Other institutionally approved methods.