Petition for Hardship Withdrawal

Students who have experienced hardship of a non-academic nature in a given term may petition for a term withdrawal. The deadline for hardship withdrawal is the mid-term of the semester following the semester during which the hardship occurred. Exceptions will be granted if the hardship is of a longer duration, for a maximum period of one year from the semester of hardship. In such cases, the student must provide documentation and justification of why the petition could not be submitted within the time frame listed in the policy. If a hardship withdrawal is granted, the student will be withdrawn from all classes for the term. This hardship withdrawal process is distinct from the grade appeal process, which is covered in a separate section of the catalog.

The student should:

  1. Withdraw from all courses online or with the help of the advisor or by completing the “Drop” form in the Office of the Registrar at the Cochran campus, Macon campus, or the administrative offices at other campuses.
  2. Complete the Hardship Withdrawal Form obtained online from the MGA website or from any administrative office on the campus.
  3. Attach original documentation (physician statements and signatures on office letterhead, occupation related documents, death certificates, military orders) supporting the reason for withdrawal after the deadline to withdraw without penalty.
  4. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation to the Office of the Provost through email at

The burden of proof rests with the student. Petitions will be processed by the Provost's office after official final semester grades are posted to the student's academic history. Students will receive official notification of petition approval or denial from the Provost's office by mail.