Students are allowed to drop or add classes only during the published drop/add period in the academic calendar without penalty (without receiving a grade of “W” or “WF” in the course). If students drop a class during the drop/add period, the course is not entered on the student's record. Students without HOLDS may drop or add a class online through their SWORDS account. Otherwise they should see their advisor to make a change or submit a Change of Schedule (Drop/Add Form) in person or by fax to the Registrar's Office on the Macon Campus or the administrative offices at other campuses. Learning Support students must adjust their schedules through an advisor.

Students with holds cannot add or drop a class online.

Students required to take Learning Support courses may not drop the required LS course(s). Students exceeding 30 earned hours must enroll only in the required LS co-requisite and the paired collegiate gateway course.

The official date on which a class is dropped is the date on which the student properly executes the drop procedure.

After the Drop/Add deadline has passed, students may not drop/add classes.