DSST Credit

DSST "Subject Examinations" and the courses for which they are the equivalent are listed below.

MGA Course Credit Hours DSST Scores
Anthropology 1102 3 General Anthropology 400
Communications 1110 3 Principles of Public Speaking 400
Criminal Justice 1100 3 Introduction to Law Enforcement 400
Mathematics 1401 3 Principles of Statistics 400
Psychology 2103 3 Lifespan Developmental Psychology 400

Students must register for the CLEP and DSST examinations using the Testing Services page (www.mga.edu/testing-services). CLEP examinations are administered in the Student Life Center on the Macon campus, in the Academic Services Building Room 223 on the Warner Robins campus, in Grace Hall basement on the Cochran campus, and in Room L-9 on the Dublin Campus.DSST exams are offered in the Academic Services Building Room 223 on the Warner Robins campus. Fees for the examinations are the responsibility of the student. Students desiring credit for a CLEP Examination not listed in the catalog may petition the Office of Academic Affairs.

Courses for which there are no CLEP examinations may be exempted by departmental credit examinations when examinations approved by the Chair or Dean and the Provost are available. Interested students should apply to the appropriate Chair or Dean to see if there is an approved examination. Students must pay a fee to the Business Office, where they will get a receipt and a "Credit Examination Notice" card stamped as paid. The stamped card must be presented to the Chair or Dean before the test. If students pass a departmental exam, their cards will be signed by the Chair or Dean and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. If students fail a departmental exam, the Chair or Dean will file their cards to indicate that those students are ineligible to take a second exam on the same subject.