Fee Schedule

All charges are based on approved fees and are subject to change according to the policy of the Board of Regents.

For fee schedules, click here.

All new students will be charged a $25 orientation fee.

Middle Georgia State University assesses mandatory fees each semester to students who are registered for one or more credit hours. MGA’s mandatory fees include the following fees: activity fee, athletic fee, health fee, parking fee, recreation and wellness fee, and technology fee.

The activity fee is assessed per credit hour and is capped at 15 hours. Prorated amounts for the athletic fees are assessed for enrollment below 5 credit hours – the full athletic fee is assessed for 5 to 15 hours. The recreation and wellness fee is assessed by campus (Macon and Warner Robins only).

Students may take a combination of on campus classes, hybrid classes, partially online classes or fully online classes. Charges will be calculated based on the total number of hours and the individual type(s) of course(s) (on-campus, partially online, hybrid and/or fully online) for which a student registers.

A student who is residing in MGA housing and registered exclusively in fully online classes is not exempt from the following mandatory fees:  the activity fee, the athletic fee, the health fee, the recreation and wellness fee and the parking fee. All other mandatory fees apply. All mandatory fees will be applied to a student's total hours if they are taking on campus only classes or a combination of on campus, partially online, hybrid and fully online classes.

All fees are tentative and subject to change according to Board of Regents policy.