Mathematics (Minor)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a minor in Mathematics for undergraduates enrolled in any discipline or program other than Mathematics. The minor is designed to provide students with an opportunity to attain greater breadth and depth in mathematics than their major field of study normally requires. Greater knowledge of mathematical techniques is useful to a wide range of disciplines and provides students with critical thinking and analytical skills that are highly demanded in today's workforce.

Grade Requirements: A grade of at least a "C" must be earned in all courses used to satisfy the minor.

Curriculum for the Minor in Mathematics

Required Courses (Credit: 7 hours)

MATH 2253Calculus III

4 credits


MATH 2260Introduction to Linear Algebra

3 credits


MATH 2270Differential Equations

4 credits

Electives (Credit: 9 hours)

Take any three (3) mathematics courses above the 3000 level excluding Elementary/Special Education courses (MATH 3106, MATH 3110, MATH 3156, and MATH 4146).

Total Hours: 16