POLS 4895 Internship in Political Science

This is a supervised internship experience in a vocationally appropriate setting for students studying political science or public administration. Students spend a minimum of nine hours per week under supervised conditions in an approved agency or service organization that is appropriate to the student's interest. The minimum number of hours per week will be adjusted when this course is taken over less than a full 15-week semester.

The course also includes assignments and log keeping, as well as meetings with an academic supervisor. Students may not use preexisting employment for credit.

While this course may be taken more than once for credit, it will only count once toward the requirements of the political science major or minor; if taken again, this course will count as open elective credit only.


3 credits

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



POLS 1101 or POLS 1101H with a C or higher, and permission of instructor