HIST 4100 Material Culture Studies

Historians often use documents in their research, and this course will help students investigate ways to utilize material culture artifacts as historical sources. Material culture is defined as the interconnection of tangible, human-made forms in contexts representing cultural ideas and practices. Students will explore material culture methodologies as well as research and analyze how artifacts can embody regional, ethnic, gender, religious, and class associations. Students will read studies produced by material culture scholars (rooted in a wide range of humanities and social science areas) and will gain hands-on experience researching and interpreting physical objects.  This course may appeal both to those students who wish to think broadly about historical sources as well as those who may wish to pursue a career in public history.


3 credits

Lecture Hours



Students must earn a C or better in HIST 1111, HIST 1111H, HIST 1112, HIST 1112H, HIST 2111, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, or HIST 2112H