HIST 3015 Introduction to Digital History

Digital history is the use of digital media for historical research, analysis, and interpretation. This course explores how digital techniques are changing and as well as how historians share their research, raising new possibilities and new challenges. This class will introduce students to the theories, practices, and technologies used in the field of digital history and digital humanities more broadly. The course will provide students with an understanding and hands-on experience with different approaches and technologies for collecting, analyzing, preserving, and presenting the past.  Students will complete a series of individual and group-related digital history projects. As digital history is part of a larger field of digital humanities, this course may be also of interest to History, English, Art, or Media and Communication majors. 


3 credits

Lecture Hours



Students must earn a C or better in HIST 1111, HIST 1111H, HIST 1112, HIST 1112H, HIST 2111, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, or HIST 2112H