GFA 4000 Film, Television & Digital Entertainment Apprenticeship

Students develop the practical skills and fundamental knowledge for entry-level job positions in professional film and television productions or esports and game development industries through hands-on experience when placed in a dedicated craft-specific apprenticeship. The apprenticeship placement will be in conjunction with the student’s certification pathway: “Film & Television Production,” “Film & Television Post-Production,” or “Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development.” Students document their acquired knowledge through journals
and reports. The course emphasizes career development through networking opportunities, guest speakers, creation of resumes and portfolios, OSHA-certified safety training, career research, and job search techniques in required asynchronous weekly lessons that include required readings, written assignments, tests and other individual activities. Because of the compressed and sometimes unusual scheduling nature of film production and digital entertainment industries, students must have flexibility in their own schedules to be able to work on these projects. To be selected to participate in an apprenticeship, a student must commit to working, as scheduled, the full term of the project and must follow all professional standards.


6 credits

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours



GFA 1000 Introduction to Film & Television Production OR GFA 1040 Introduction to Film & Television Post-Production OR GFA 1500 Introduction to Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development; AND at least one other GFA Specialty Craft Course in chosen Certification Pathway