GFA 1040 Introduction to Film & Television Post-Production

This course is the first of an 18-credit hour certification in "Film & Television Post-Production." Students will operate various professional non-linear editing (NLE) systems, with a focus on practical skills and essential knowledge of editing, including file management, footage logs, timecodes, proxies, edit decision lists (EDLs), synchronization, transitions, simple effects, basic audio missing and file exports. Additionally, students will explore the terminology, department hierarchy, history and theory of editing and sound design through topics such as continuity style, montage, juxtaposition of images, development of sound design, and linear and flat-bed editing. Students will also develop and understanding and awareness of current post-production industry standards and workflow practices. This course is the prerequisite for ALL other GFA courses in the "Film & Television Post-Production" Certification Pathway. 


6 credits

Lab Hours