Grades and Academic Records

Grading System

Grade Quality Points Per Semester Hour
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0
I No quality points are earned until the course is satisfactorily completed.
W 0.0
WF 0.0

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Academic Standing is based on this average. The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of academic credit hour quality points a student has earned by the total number of grade point average hours (GPA hours) the student has attempted. (See Academic Standing for further information).

Final grades are available to students through SWORDS, the Middle Georgia State University online registration system.

The following grade symbols are used but are not included in computing the grade point average:

I An incomplete grade (I) indicates that the student for non-academic reasons was unable to complete the requirements for a course. For all courses except flight, all outstanding work must be completed before the midterm of the next semester the student is enrolled or by the end of one calendar year if the student is not enrolled. Aviation students enrolled in flight classes have three full terms (including summer) after the semester an I is earned to complete outstanding work, regardless of their enrollment status.

If an I grade is not removed from any students record in the defined time period, a grade of F is assigned to the course. Once an I grade is rolled to an F, it may not be changed without the approval of Academic Affairs.
IP This indicates that the student has made progress in a Learning Support course; but the student has not exited Learning Support and is required to enroll in that course the next semester of enrollment.
W This indicates a withdrawal without penalty and is assigned when students withdraw from courses by the deadline to withdraw without penalty.
V This indicates that the course was audited, and the student receives no quality points.
K This indicates that the credit was granted via an Advanced Standing Credit Examination or a CLEP Examination.
NR Grade Not Reported by instructor by grade deadline for the term.
The following grade symbols are used and included in computing the grade point average:
WF This indicates that the student withdrew from a course after the deadline to withdraw without penalty or the withdrawal exceeded the 5 withdrawal limit. A WF grade is counted the same as a “F” grade in the GPA calculation. In cases of hardship, approved by the Office of Academic Affairs, students may receive the W after the deadline to withdraw without penalty.
WM Withdrew, military emergency

Repeated Courses

A student who repeats a course at Middle Georgia State University will have the cumulative Grade Point Average calculated using the highest grade earned. The grade of the first and subsequent attempts that are excluded from the GPA will remain on the student's official permanent record. 

Course Retake Policy

Students who fail a Middle Georgia State University class may retake the class a second time. After a second failure in the same class, students must gain permission from the Dean of the School or College in which the class is housed to retake the course all subsequent times. Students seeking to retake a class after the second failure must meet with the appropriate Dean, who will evaluate the student’s academic readiness and may approve course retake. The Dean may require tutoring or supplemental instruction.

Additional retake policies may apply at the program level.

Academic Records

The academic records of students are maintained in the Registrar's Office under strict regulations as mandated by FERPA regulations. The records include a chronological listing of all courses taken and the cumulative GPA.

Grade Appeal Policy

In reviewing appeals relating to the receipt of grades, the process will be concerned entirely with alleged violations of institutional policy or procedure rather than with content or with matters of the instructor's judgment.

When a student believes that an instructor has not followed proper procedure in the classroom (e.g.: failure to follow stated grading policy or other procedures and objectives as outlined in the syllabus) and if the student wishes to appeal, the student should adhere to the following procedure:

  1. The student must first discuss the appeal and provide the Instructor responsible for the grade assigned (or his/her designee) with a Final Course Grade Appeal Form (available in the Office of the Provost and also online) with the student section completed within 10 working days after the registrar’s office has posted final grades for the semester in which the grade was received. Once the appeal process is initiated, the burden of proof is on the student.
  2. The instructor will complete the appropriate section on the Final Course Grade Appeal Form, and return to the student within ten working days.
  3. If the matter is not resolved between the instructor and the student, the student will submit all appropriate documentation in appeal to the department chair, or dean if there is no department chair, within ten working days of receiving the course instructor's written response.
  4. The department chair or dean will attempt to resolve the issue and will complete the appropriate section on the Final Course Grade Appeal Form and return to the student within ten working days.
  5. If there is both a department chair and a dean in the academic unit and the matter is not resolved at the department level, the student will need to appeal to the dean of the School within five working days of receipt of the response of the department chair.
  6. If the matter cannot be resolved at the School level, the student should submit the completed Final Course Grade Appeal Form and submit it to the Office of the Provost within ten working days after receipt of the dean or chair's response. It is the student's responsibility to provide all documentation (the student's inquiry, the instructor's response, and the dean or department chair's response) along with the Final Course Grade Appeal Form.
  7. The Office of the Provost will appoint a three-member panel selected from the various academic departments (excluding representatives from the academic unit from which the appeal originated).
  8. The panel will collect information concerning the appeal by research and interview. All information so gathered will remain completely confidential.
  9. The panel will make a written recommendation to the Office of the Provost, which is then submitted to the Provost with all supporting documentation.
  10. The Provost may approve or deny the appeal.
  11. The instructor, the dean or department chair, and the student will be informed in writing of the result of the appeal.
  12. If the student seeks further appeal, the student may appeal to the President of the University. The student must submit all documentation (the student's inquiry, the instructor's response, the dean or department chair's response, and the Provost's response), to the office of the President of the University. The President will make the final decision. There is no further appeal.

Petition for Hardship Withdrawal

Students who have experienced hardship of a non-academic nature in a given term may petition for a term withdrawal. The deadline for hardship withdrawal is the mid-term of the semester following the semester during which the hardship occurred. Exceptions will be granted if the hardship is of a longer duration, for a maximum period of one year from the semester of hardship. In such cases, the student must provide documentation and justification of why the petition could not be submitted within the time frame listed in the policy. If a hardship withdrawal is granted, the student will be withdrawn from all classes for the term. This hardship withdrawal process is distinct from the grade appeal process, which is covered in a separate section of the catalog.

The student should:

  1. Withdraw from all courses online or with the help of the advisor or by completing the “Drop” form in the Office of the Registrar at the Cochran campus, Macon campus, or the administrative offices at other campuses.
  2. Complete the Hardship Withdrawal Form obtained online from the MGA website or from any administrative office on the campus.
  3. Attach original documentation (physician statements and signatures on office letterhead, occupation related documents, death certificates, military orders) supporting the reason for withdrawal after the deadline to withdraw without penalty.
  4. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation to the Office of the Provost through email at

The burden of proof rests with the student. Petitions will be processed by the Provost's office after official final semester grades are posted to the student's academic history. Students will receive official notification of petition approval or denial from the Provost's office by mail.