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Division of Academic Affairs

Debra Matthews, Ph.D., Interim Provost

Office of the Provost

David Jenks, Ph.D., Provost


Kevin Cantwell, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies


Deepa Arora, Ph.D., Associate Provost


Michael Gibbons, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Executive Director of Institutional Research


Jennifer Jones, A.A., Academic Affairs Operations Manager

Office of Institutional Research and Data Strategy

Michael Gibbons, Ph.D, Associate Provost and Executive Director of Institutional Research


Samantha Boswell, B.A., Associate Director of Institutional Research and Student Success


Chris Tsavatewa,  M.P.H., Director of Institutional Effectiveness


April Gregg, B.S., Data Analyst


Tom Waugh, M.P.A., IR Professional 


Beverly H. Bergman,  B.S., Director of Enterprise Information Systems


McKay Sawyer, B.S., Programmer


Richard Burnam,  B.S., Programmer/Analyst


Greg Miller,  B.S.E., Systems Support Specialist III

Office of Technology Resources

Geoffrey Dyer, M.M.I.S., Chief Information Officer
Shaun Bohannon, B.S., Director of IT Services
Tommy Davis, B.B.A., Director of Network Services
Joel Morgan, B.B.A., Chief Information Security Officer
Kris Rickerson, B.B.A., Director of Enterprise Systems Management

Ousainou Adenyi, B.S., Systems Support Specialist I
Jonathan Almendras, A.A., System Administrator I
Jon Coder, M.A., AV Coordinator
Cody Gill, Systems Support Specialist I
Desmond Howard, Systems Support Specialist I
Ciara Highsmith, B.S., System Support Specialist I
Derrick Hunter, M.S., Campus Support Tech Coordinator - Eastman
Kelly Jones, M.S.I.T., Systems Administrator III
Scotty Kight, Campus Support Tech Coordinator - Dublin
Andrew Lenard, B.S., LMS Administrator
Phillip Lux, B.A., Application Developer II
Adam McGuire, B.S., Network Administrator
Cliff Moncrief, Systems Administrator I
Jonathan Rainer, B.B.A., Systems Support Specialist I
Katie Roberts, M.A., Systems Support Specialist I
Douglas Smalley, M.S.I.T., Systems Administrator I
Peter Strosahl, B.S., Campus Support Tech Coordinator – Warner Robins
Nancy Turknett, B.B.A., Systems Support Specialist I - Helpdesk
Tina Ward, Administrative Assistant
Cameron Willis, A.A., Assistant Director of Network Services
Paisley Willis, Systems Support Specialist I
Jamie Woods, Systems Support Specialist I - Helpdesk

Student Success Center

Brock Giddens, B.B.A., Director of Student Success Center, Cochran Campus SSC

Jeannie Ruggerio, B.B.A., M.P.A., Student Success Coordinator, Warner Robins Campus SSC

Sandy Callaway, B.S., M.B.A., Academic Support Specialist, Warner Robins Campus SSC

G. Paul Johnson, B.A., M. B. A., Student Success Coordinator, Macon Campus SSC

Devon Raleigh, Academic Support Specialist, Macon Campus, SSC


Tamatha Lambert,  M.S.L.S., University Librarian

Ann Williams,  M.L.I.S., Assistant Director of Library Services, Cochran and Eastman

April Warren,  M.L.I.S., Catalog Librarian, Macon/Cochran

Dana Casper,  M.L.I.S., Graduate Studies Librarian, Macon

Gilbert Deas,  M.L.I.S., Reference/Instruction Librarian, Warner Robins

Ann Marie Fabian,  M.L.I.S., Reference/Instruction Librarian, Cochran

Bonita Tharpe,  Library Assistant, Circulation/Reserves, Macon

Elizabeth Ruff,  Library Assistant, Serials/Interlibrary Loan, Macon

Brandi McDonough,  Library Business Assistant, Technical Services, Macon

Tammy Coody,  Library Business Assistant, Cochran

Paul Warren,  Library Assistant, Serials/Interlibrary Loan, Cochran

Ebony Lucas,  Library Assistant, Dublin

Amy Winfrey, M.L.I.S., Assistant Director of Library Services, Warner Robins and Dublin

Abbie Holmes, M.L.I.S., Reference and Instruction Librarian, Macon

Deborah Stanfield, M.L.I.S.,Instruction and Engagement Librarian, Cochran