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NURS 3100 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice (5-0-5)

The focus of this course is to provide nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective transitional practice in the various roles of a baccalaureate nurse. Specifically, students will explore the role of the nurse as leader and manager, the role of the nurse as educator to patients and caregivers, and the role of the nurse as a political activist on the local, state, and national levels. Students study the conceptual foundations of professional nursing, including analysis of the historical contributions of nursing to health care, the art and science of caring practices, nursing theories, and legal and ethical implications of practice. Processes that guide nursing practice such as effective communication, group change, the use of technology and informatics, health care economics, and cultural and spiritual dimensions of nursing are explored. Current trends in nursing care including the nursing shortage, continuing professional development and future visions for nursing are discussed, as is the impact of LEAN/Six Sigma on the nurse's role as leader and manager in daily practice. 


5 credits

Lecture Hours

5 hours


Admission to the RN-BSN Program


Admission to the RN-BSN Program