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NURS 2010 Maternal, Newborn & Child Nursing Practice (3-3-4)

This course focuses on applying nursing knowledge to the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health in child-bearing women, children and their families. The course integrates the concepts of previous courses and expands the student`s ability to provide culturally sensitive, family-centered care; enhancing the ability of the client and family to adapt to physiological and psychosocial changes associated with these stages of life. 


4 credits

Lecture Hours

3 hours

Lab Hours

3 hours


ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, MATH Elective (MATH 1101, or MATH 1111, or MATH 1112, or MATH 1113, or MATH 1113H, or MATH 1251), BIOL 1114K, BIOL 1124K, BIOL 1134K, HIST 2111 or HIST 2112, POLS 1101, PSYC 2103, ENGL 2111 or ENGL 2112, NURS 1000, NURS 1000L, NURS 1500, NURS 1500L, & NURS 1510


NURS 2010L