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NURS 1000 Foundations of Nursing Practice (4-9-7)

This course introduces students to the profession of nursing and the role of the nurse in providing care to individuals and families across the life span experiencing alterations in meeting basic health needs. It introduces the framework for the program of study and provides a foundation for nursing practice within legal and ethical standards in the promotion and maintenance of health providing safe, competent, evidenced based nursing care to individuals and families across the life span.


7 credits

Lecture Hours

4 hours

Lab Hours

9 hours


ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, Math Elective (MATH 1101, or MATH 1111, or MATH 1112, or MATH 1113, or MATH 1113H, or MATH 1251), BIOL 1114K, BIOL 1124K, Admission to nursing program.


NURS 1000L