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Aircraft Structural Technology - Structural Worker (Certificate)

The Aircraft Structural Worker is a mini certificate program that provides the student with basic skills and knowledge of the aircraft structural worker. This program is designed to give the student an understanding of aircraft manufacturing and assembly techniques as well as upgrade the skills of current aircraft structural personnel working in the field.

All students MUST be accepted to the program after acceptance to MGA. To be accepted to the program you must complete and submit an application to the School of Aviation as stated on the Aviation Technology application.

A grade of “C” or higher is required in all classes in order to graduate from this program.

Curriculum for the Certificate in Aircraft Structural Worker

Campus Location: Eastman, Georgia

Required Courses

ASTP 1000Applied Technical Math

3 credits

ASTP 1010Basic Blueprint Reading

3 credits

ASTP 1020Aircraft Blueprint Reading

3 credits

ASTP 1037Aircraft Aerodynamics & Structural Fundamentals

6 credits

ASTP 1104Structural Layout Fabrication and Sealants

6 credits

Total Hours: 21