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Film Production (Certificate)

The certificate in Film Production prepares filmmakers for the rapidly changing film and television industry. Film production courses emphasize storytelling and screenwriting while continually developing the student’s technical expertise in videography and editing. The certificate is appropriate for both beginning and intermediate students, and provides a platform of skills on which to develop a student’s expertise for the burgeoning entertainment industry. The certificate in Film Production is available to undergraduates enrolled in any discipline or program.

Curriculum for the Certificate in Film Production

Required Courses (Credit: 3 hours)

NMAC 3600Digital Storytelling

3 credits

Choose two of the following (Credit: 6-9 hours)

NMAC 4440/CRWR 4440Screenwriting

3 credits

NMAC 4450Documentary Film Production

3 credits

NMAC 4451Fiction Film Production

3 credits

FILM 1100Introduction to On-Set Film Production I

6 credits

Choose one of the following (Credit: 3 hours)

NMAC 4001Film History I

3 credits

NMAC 4002Film History II

3 credits

NMAC 4481Film Analysis

3 credits

Total Hours: 12-15