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Department of History and Political Science

Chair: Dr. Matthew Zimmerman

The Department of History and Political Science mentors students pursuing studies in history and political science at the associate and baccalaureate degree levels. The history and political science programs at Middle Georgia State University prepare students to meet the growing demand for research and analytical skills in Central Georgia and beyond.

The Bachelor of Arts in History is aimed at students interested in careers in the arts, law, government and community service, historical interpretation and museum work, as well as graduate study. The Bachelor of Arts in History includes significant study in historical research methodology as well as both U.S. and World history. Students in history undertake a program of study that provides them with the skills, knowledge and training necessary to be effective in the 21st century workforce.

The Bachelor of Science in Political Science is designed for students interested in careers in government and public service, non-profit organizations, and the private sector, as well as graduate study in law, political science, and public administration. The degree program includes training in the application of research and data analysis skills to real-life political and social problems, as well as opportunities for experiential learning either in the workforce or through the completion of an independent research project. The political science degree is designed to produce graduates who are equipped for the changing demands of citizens in contemporary society.