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Placement Policy for Language Courses

It is in a student's best interest to take the language course that best fits his/her abilities.

ML 1001 is appropriate for students who have no previous language-learning experience, who can say a few words of phrases, and/or who have a RCHS deficiency in foreign language.

Students wishing to take ML 1002 must first contact the Department of Media, Culture, and the Arts, and take a placement test. Students wishing to take ML 2001 or 2002 must first speak with a Modern Language advisor (in the Department of Media, Culture, and the Arts) or provide CLEP exam credits.

Prerequisite overrides must be approved by a Modern Language advisor.

Students who pass the Modern Language program's placement test in French, German, Latin, or Spanish and place into a course (testing out of ML 1001 and taking ML 1002 for instance) will receive K credit for the course(s) out of which they tested. Students may take the program's placement exam only once.