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Advanced Standing by Examination

  • Students may apply for advanced credit examination only after being accepted and enrolled by Middle Georgia State University.
  • A grade of "K" (denoting credit by examination) for credit granted by individual examination will be recorded on the student's academic record after the student has enrolled.
  • No more than 40 semester hours of credit may be earned by examination (including CLEP, AP, DSST, and departmental credit exams).
  • Credit by examination may not be received for a course in which the student has previously enrolled and not withdrawn.
  • An advanced placement examination or departmental may not be retaken in order to earn credit.
  • DSST and CLEP exams with the same exam title may be repeated after 90 days from the original testing date. If the exam with the same title is taken before the required wait period, the exam will be invalid. Any retakes should be considered prior to registering for the course. If a student registers for the course and then passes the CLEP or DSST exam, no refunds will be issued for the course once the drop/add period is over.