Art (A.A.)

The Art program is dedicated to the creative and personal growth of every student.  The courses are designed to give students a solid foundation in the elements and principles of design that will prepare them for more advanced studies.  Our program establishes students with a strong understanding of realism before introducing more abstract and conceptual forms of art.

Curriculum for the Associate of Arts in Art

Core Curriculum (Credit: 42 hours)

See listing of requirements

Area F: Lower Division Major Requirements (Credit: 18 hours)

Major Field

A grade of at least a "C" in the following:

Studio Foundation Courses (Credit: 12 hours)

ARTS 1010Drawing I

3 credits

ARTS 1011Drawing II

3 credits

ARTS 10202D Design & Color Theory

3 credits

ARTS 10303D Design

3 credits

Art History Foundation Courses (Credit: 3 hours)

Choose one of the following:

ARTS 2010Art History I: Prehistoric to Gothic

3 credits

ARTS 2011Art History II: Renaissance to Present

3 credits

Elective Chosen in Consultation with an Advisor (Credit: 3 hours)

ITEC 2215Introduction to Information Technology

3 credits

ARTS 2015Photography

3 credits

ARTS 2016Introduction to Computer Arts

3 credits

ARTS 2651Digital Photography

3 credits

Any approved Area C-F Course Credit: 3 hours

Total Hours: 60