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European Union Studies (Certificate)

The certificate in European Union Studies is designed to provide in-depth study on a topic that cuts across traditional academic disciplines and typically has a "real life" application in a professional context. Its purpose is to certify an individual as competent in a subject area outside conventional degree programs.

A certificate in European Studies can be earned in one of two ways:

Under the academic track, a certificate is taken in tandem with an undergraduate degree program. Students from all academic majors are eligible to participate so long as they possess a minimum 2.75 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).

Under the professional track, non-degree students--such as business executives--are eligible to enroll in the program upon proof of a valid undergraduate degree from an accredited institution on the condition that they fulfill the minimum GPA requirement of 2.75.

Under either track, an application to the program cannot be made until successful completion of the following:

(1) EURO 3234 with a grade of C or better, and 

(2) 30 semester hours of academic credit.

Students should refer to the USG European Union Studies Program website for further information and the required application form at

Curriculum for the Certificate in European Union Studies

Required courses (Credit: 6 hours)

EURO 3234Introduction to the European Union

3 credits

EURO 4830EU Studies Capstone

3 credits

Choose three (3) courses (Credit: 9 hours)

from among the following, including at least one course in each of two (2) different discipline areas (Social Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Business & Economics, and Natural & Health Sciences)

Other 3000/4000-level courses with a primary focus on contemporary European politics, society, and/or culture may be substituted with the approval of the campus representative or department chair.

Social Sciences

EURO 4130EU Law & Legal Systems

3 credits

EURO 4160EU Federalism and Governance

3 credits

EURO 4530European Social Policy

3 credits

EURO 4730European Union Foreign Policy

3 credits

EURO 4760US - EU Relations

3 credits

POLS 3344Politics of the British Isles


Humanities & Fine Arts

ENGL 4420Modern European Literature in Translation

3 credits

ENGL 450020th Century British Poetry and Prose

3 credits

EURO 4630Communications and Media

3 credits

HIST 3490Europe in the 20th Century

3 credits

HIST 3511Great Britain since 1688

3 credits

HIST 4330Modern Germany

3 credits

SPAN 3006Peninsular Spanish Civilization and Culture

3 credits

Business & Economics

EURO 4230Doing Business in the EU

3 credits

EURO 4260European Monetary Union

3 credits

Natural & Health Sciences

EURO 4330EU Science & Technology Policy

3 credits

EURO 4430EU Environmental Policy

3 credits

Areas of distinction: the certificate also highlights special achievements by providing a notation of "distinction" in three areas for students who complete the necessary additional credits:

  • Practical experience: an overseas experience (including study or research abroad) or an internship, as approved by the EU Studies campus representative and Executive Director. (3-6 credit hours)
  • Foreign language proficiency: successful completion of two (2) upper-division foreign language courses in a modern European language. (6 credit hours)
  • Composition of a thesis. (3 credit hours)

Total Hours: 15