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Georgia Film Academy Certificate

The Georgia Film Academy Certificate engages students in courses that build knowledge and skills in the production of film and video, screenwriting, film aesthetics, and post-production for various media outlets. Students learn the art of cinematic storytelling, image design, and sound editing, along with advanced post-production techniques and strategies within the broader field of film and video production genres.

The Georgia Film Academy Certificate is an embedded certificate that can only be obtained in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree. 

Curriculum for the Georgia Film Academy Certificate

Required Course (Credit: 6 hours)

FILM 1100Introduction to On-Set Film Production I

6 credits

Choose two of the following (Credit: 12 hours)

FILM 2001GFA Set Construction

6 credits

FILM 2002GFA Grip & Rigging

6 credits

FILM 2003GFA Lighting & Electric

6 credits

FILM 4000GFA Film & Television Production Internship

6 credits

Total Hours: 18