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Other Fees and Charges

All charges are based on approved fees and are subject to change according to the policy of the Board of Regents. Figures shown here are approximations provided for readers’ planning purposes. For current fees, click here.

General Fees and Academic Program Fees
Add Back Fee (Reinstatement) $100.00  
Application Fee -  Undergraduate $30.00
Application Fee - Graduate $40.00  
Application Fee - Residence Life $155.00
Resident Hall Lock-outs $25.00
Lost Key Fee $50.00
Early Check In Fee - Residence Life $20.00 per day
Late Check Out Fee - Residence Life $20.00 per day
Reassignment Fee - Residence Life $100.00
Orientation Fee $25.00
Graduation Fee - Undergraduate $35.00
Graduation Fee - Graduate $50.00
Late Registration Fee $50.00  
Replacement ID Fee $20.00
Transcripts Fee $10.00
Flight Fees
Archer (Glass) $150.00 per hour
Arrow (Hybrid) $165.00 per hour
Citabria (Steam) $121.00 per hour
Robinson (Hybrid) $375.00 per hour
Schweizer (Steam) $242.00 per hour
Seminole (Steam) $260.00 per hour
Seminole (Hybrid) $275.00 per hour
Super Decathlon $159.00 per hour
Warrior (Steam) $138.00 per hour
Warrior (Hybrid) $145.00 per hour
Frasca (Steam) Simulator $70.00 per hour
Frasca (Glass) Simulator $80.00 per hour
CRJ Simulator $250.00 per hour
CabriG2 Helicopter $242.00 per hour
Class Fees
Drug Test Fee $20.00
Flight Instructor Fee $20.00
Flight Lab Fee $25.00
Aviation FAA Tests
FAA Paperless Flight Lab Fee $50.00  
Private Pilot Knowledge Test $165.00  
Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test $165.00
Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test $165.00
Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test $165.00
Flight Instructor Knowledge Test $165.00
Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control Tower Operations $995.00 per course
Air Traffic Radar Operations $995.00 per course
Note: Fees associated with specific MGA flight courses and FAA ratings can be found in the School of Aviation portion of the catalog.
Criminal Justice Program
Liability Insurance $16.00  
Education Program
Junior Year Field Course $75.00 (per field course) Elementary/Special Education
Senior Clinical I $450.00 Elementary/Special Education
Senior Clinical II $150.00 Elementary/Special Education
Internship $75.00 Secondary Education tracks
General Science for Elementary Ed. $20.00  
Integrated Science $20.00  
Graduate Field Course I $375.00  
Graduate Field Course II $150.00  
Health Services
Liability Insurance $16.00  
Exploring Evidence Based Practice & Leadership in Ireland
Information Technology
Cybersecurity Seminar $2,295.00  
Liability Insurance $16.00
Nursing Entrance Exam $70.00
Occupational Therapy
Liability Insurance $16.00   
Public Service
Liability Insurance $16.00
Respiratory Therapy
Liability Insurance $16.00
Respiratory Therapy SAE Exam $120.00
RT Testing $240.00
Kettering Credential Preparation  $325.00   
Specific Courses
2D Design $35.00  
3D Design Fee $30.00  
Applied Music Fee $225.00 per hour lesson  
Aviation Maintenance Lab Fee $25.00
Biology Field Studies Fee $100.00
College On the Move Living History Tour $1,350.00  
Ceramics I Class Fee  $35.00   
Drawing I Class Fee $35.00  
Drawing II Class Fee $35.00  
Figure Drawing Class Fee   $35.00   
Film Photography Class Fee   $35.00   
Georgia Geology Field Class Fee $100.00  
Occupational Therapy Adaptive Techniques Lab Fee  
Occupational Therapy Therapeutic Media Lab Fee   
Painting I Class Fee $35.00
Photography Class Fee $35.00
Printmaking I Class Fee $35.00
Science & Engineering Lab Fee  $25.00  
Sculpture Class Fee $35.00
Student Accident Insurance Plan Rates - Eastman
2018-2019 Policy Year Rates
Fall Term $21.00
Spring/Summer Term $28.00
Summer Term $12.00
Student Health Insurance Plan Rates
2018-2019 Policy Year Rates
Fall Term $1,015.00
Spring/Summer Term $1,407.00
Summer Only $610.00