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Financial Aid Appeal Approval

Students may be approved to have financial aid reinstated by either becoming compliant with the SAP standards or submitting a financial aid appeal for review and have it approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  Financial aid approval may result in the student being eligible for aid one term with the expectation that the student will be compliant at the end of that term or student may be placed on an academic plan.  Academic plans are prescribed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee to ensure the student is making progress towards degree completion and compliance with the SAP policy.  Students will be notified in writing of the terms and conditions of their academic plan approval.  Students who are unable to fulfill the academic plan prescribed must contact the Office of Financial Aid upon notification of the requirements.   Students who have been granted probationary approval must successfully complete all coursework attempted.  Students who fail to successfully complete all coursework while on probationary approval will have all financial aid suspended.