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Appeals Process

Students who have experienced mitigating circumstances and as a result have lost eligibility for financial aid may appeal by completing the applicable financial aid appeal form and submitting it to the financial aid office along with supporting documentation. The appeal will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  Notification to the student of the decision will be provided via written notification and BANNERWEB message, along with any special conditions which must be met if approved. If an appeal is denied or student chooses not to appeal, student can regain eligibility by reaching required standards per SAP Policy at his/her own expense.  IMPORTANT:  Only one appeal may be submitted per academic year.  A student may appeal their SAP Suspension only three times during their academic career at MGA. Decisions made by the SAP Committee are final, and no further appeal from the student will accepted by the Office of Financial Aid, the Department of Education, or any other department at MGA.

DEADLINE: Students must appeal by the end of term in which they expect to receive aid. Incomplete appeals may result in automatic denial.