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Course Policies

Attendance Policy

The classroom experience is a vital part of university education. Interaction with instructors and other students is an important element of the learning process. Students are expected to attend all class sessions. Students who do not attend classes on a regular basis are subject to reassessment of financial aid eligibility.

Students whose number of absences is more than twice the number of class meetings per week may be assigned a failing grade for the course at the discretion of the instructor. Students who have more absences than the number of class meetings per week but less than twice the number of class meetings per week may be penalized at the discretion of the instructor. Students who have absences which are less than or equal to the number of class meetings per week will not be penalized.

Individual faculty members reserve the right to include additional policies and/or penalties as deemed necessary. Faculty will include policies on absences and tardiness in their syllabi at the beginning of every semester. Faculty are expected to maintain an attendance record for all their classes.

Student Absences due to University-Related Events

Several students at Middle Georgia State University are frequently required to leave the campus to represent the institution at tournaments, musical or drama productions, athletic events, etc.

It is the responsibility of the student who is missing classes due to official off-campus activities to contact the instructors of those classes and set up arrangements to make up exams, assignments, and other course requirements which may be missed or delayed.

Faculty will assist such officially excused students to complete any course requirements they may have missed during this period of absence. Students who are to be absent must provide an official notification from the faculty/staff member sponsoring the event to the instructors of their classes in a timely manner. 

Audit Policy

Students may register for and attend a class without being responsible for the work required in the course. The decision to audit must be made at the time of registration and no later than drop/add.  No credit is given, but tuition must be paid. Students who audit a course may not subsequently register for credit in that course nor apply for credit by examination during another term. A grade of V appears on the transcript.