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(15) Sexual Harassment and Personal Misconduct

Middle Georgia State University is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which its members can freely work together, both in and out of the classroom, to further education, service, and research. Every member of the Middle Georgia State University community must recognize that sexual harassment compromises the integrity of the institution, its tradition of intellectual freedom, and the trust placed in its members. It is the intention of Middle Georgia State University to prevent sexual harassment as well as to correct and, where indicated, discipline those engaged in sexual harassment. Because of the special nature of a university community, Middle Georgia State University reiterates its commitment to academic freedom and asserts that these procedures shall not be detrimental to the principles of academic freedom.

Graduate Assistants will conform to the policies and procedures governing sexual harassment and misconduct outlined by the current Middle Georgia State University Student Handbook and the current employment policies governing Middle Georgia State University.

For a newly updated policy on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, see section 1.3.6 in: